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16 June 2014 @ 02:10 am
off burando! 20 outfits from early 2014 and my first DL post  
I apologize in advance if I've borked the formatting somehow. C&C is welcome- although as I am pretty new and my budget is limited, I can't indulge myself in brand (at least, not yet (。ヘ°) ) I actually post most of my outfits on my Tumblr already, but I have a tendency to ramble there. All the outfit photos can be clicked for a larger size!

1. Infanta - Powers and Thrones JSK I in Navy

  • JSK - Infanta - Powers and Thrones JSK I in Navy

  • Headband- KIRAKIRA

  • Blouse- thrifted

  • Tights- Betsey Johnson

  • Shoes- Clarks

  • Wig- Sathura

  • Bag- Aeropostale

This was my first TaoBao order and very first time buying loli-specific clothing! While the zipper is very difficult to budge (I squeezed into it without unzipping the dress- fortunately the seams are well sewn) and the print has a bit of roughness from being done on velveteen, I love it, and I was over the moon that it was so easy to wear compared to my usual pin-belt-and-tuck. I did find that it was difficult to coordinate with anything else, though ._. it only goes with black or white.

2. Offbrand (Max Azria)

  • JSK - offbrand, Max Azria

  • Blouse - offbrand, Allison Taylor

  • Handkerchief (tied around the neck) - offbrand, Fendi

  • Tights - offbrand, GWYSHOP (poposhop on TaoBao; no longer available)

  • Wig - GLW Duchess in Milk Tea

  • Minihat - offbrand, Girlshoppe

  • Accessories- all offbrand- Aeropostale hearts chain, and no-brand manky old black brooch, given new life by pinning a vintage brooch on top.

  • Shoes- Clarks, Cassie

  • Bag - Carpisa

Note to self: use a smaller bag for loli coords. That bag was the only one I had with both black and gold in it, but it was just so dang heavy.The whole coordinate was inspired by the Fendi scarf! I pinned the dress in two places (hail, the safety pin) to try and emulate the steampunk style and wore another skirt underneath.

3. Chess Story - Le Jardin des Versailles SK in Wine

  • Skirt - [Chess Story] Le Jardin de Versailles

  • Blouse - offbrand, Allison Taylor

  • Bolero thing - offbrand, Raffaela

  • Bonnet borrowed off my teddy bear owo

  • Headbow/ kanzashi - KIRAKIRA

  • Wig - Bodyline w045

  • Tights and necklaces no-brand

  • Shoes - Franco Sarto

  • Bag - Cole Haan

Wore this coord to watch a free screening of Howl's Moving Castle organized by the Japan Foundation! Since the event was in the spirit of friendship between the Philippines and Japan, I tried to make a PHL x JP coord by using something local, the piña bolero. It was impossible to integrate kimono elements into it, so I settled for the kanzashi. I kind of wish I had red shoes, though...

4. Offbrand (vintage)

  • OP - offbrand/thrifted, Labyrinth Garden<

  • Skirt - offbrand and way big

  • Shoes - offbrand, vintage Bandolino

  • Wig - Bodyline w045

  • All accessories offbrand/no-brand aside from the red rose clips and deer necklace, which are from Toxickitty

I love dressing like a medieval peasant XD admittedly this is more Dolly Kei than lolita- but it was just too hot. I do wear things like velvet and wool regardless of the heat, but then I'm crazy that way. Sometimes it's too hot to bother.

5. Offbrand (vintage)

  • everything offbrand (no-brand really) aside from the shoes;                                        

  • Shoes are Forever21

  • Wig is Gothic Lolita Wigs/Dolluxe’s Duchess in Milk Tea Blonde

Wore this to a local museum! I decided to wear something a little artsy. I was inspired by BTSSB's Searching for Baroque; it's still a long way off, but it has some similar elements xD there are paintings in the print of the skirt, but they are framed by grapes and leaves instead of... frames. Details are in my Tumblr post.

6. Boystyle Offbrand (vintage)

  • Everything offbrand/ nobrand, except:

  • Rose clips - ToxicKitty

  • Wig - GLW Babydoll in Wine (without the clip-ins and put up into double buns)

  • Shoes - Clarks, Cassie

  • Bag - Aeropostale

This outfit came together because I got my hands on a ruffly black bolero that was way too big on me. Short of turning it into a Batman! mini cape, I decided to turn it into a buttcape. I improvised with my blouse as well, which is really not a blouse but a long jacket. Fortunately it didn't form awkward lumps after folding it in half.

7. Offbrand (vintage)

  • All offbrand

  • of note is the skirt, which is probably the oldest mainstream purchase in my wardrobe (7 years?) it is actually too big on me, I have taken in the waistband twice and now it feels loose again. Hence the belts.

8. Shirley Temple Cute (the lone burando in a 99.9% offbrand wardrobe)

  • JSK - Shirley Temple (it fits, though it's a little tight around the bust. fortunately I am rather flat ; w ; it was made for children after all)

  • Wig - L-email knockoff of GLW's Neo-Classic in Chocoberry

  • flower headband, brooch - ToxicKitty

  • all else offbrand

coord for dolldelight's meet-and-greet! It was my first time meeting people from the local loli comm, it was great to hang out with people with similar interests (and swapping funny stories of bystander encounters/reactions). I drove for nearly an hour in full loli gear, but it was well worth the effort.

About the dress itself it was a very, very lucky find- I got it for under $20. I may be a Classic/Gothic loli at heart, but a bargain is a bargain- and I've since grown very fond of it. It's really sturdy and lightweight- and it HAS A POCKET. A POCKETTTT

9. Offbrand (vintage)

  • Wig - GLW Duchess in Milk Tea; the queen of my wig collection

  • Socks - Tutuanna

  • All else offbrand

This is more Dolly Kei, again. But I would love to work that blouse into a coordinate, if only I could fit it under a skirt. Paisley is another 'mainstream' print I am fond of.

10.  Offbrand (indie designer Justine Chantelle/Dorotee Sweetlips)

  • Wig - GLW Godiva in Black

  • OP - Justine Chantelle (afaik she made this for herself, and thus did not attach her brand tag)

  • Bird Skull necklace - ToxicKitty

  • In hair - ToxicKitty bat clip and two cake forks

  • All else offbrand

This dress is of a very forgiving design- I can wear it in so many ways, and the fabric is a light georgette (so she says; I can only say it's not cotton) so it's perfect for the tropics!

I make no apologies about the cake forks. They're black, they match, they had a fairly interesting design- so into my wig they go, and they shall never be used for cake again.


  • the same OP worn back to front :D it's so useful!

  • Blouse - MOGAO (offbrand)

  • KIRAKIRA headband

  • same old same old, offbrand everything else

I found that georgette dries fairly quickly, and doesn't wrinkle. It was raining pretty hard that night (hence the boots) and I got soaked; but the dress came out of the wetting unaffected.

11. Bodyline

  • skirt - Bodyline l380 in owh

  • wig - GLW Godiva in Black

  • shoes - Clarks 'Cassie'

  • wristcuffs- Bodyline acc1040

  • ToxicKitty flower things

  • offbrand gyaru minidress worn as a blouse

  • offbrand socks

I know it's a loong way off from Claudia, but I can dream. I wore this for a very solemn occasion, something elegant and toned-down at the same time. It was still mistaken for cosplay by a few people, but meh.

12. Bodyline

  • skirt - Bodyline l325 in brw

  • wig - GLW Duchess in Milk Tea

  • red rose clips - ToxicKitty

  • shoes - Bandolino (offbrand)

I'm sorry, the blouse is a little low cut xD it was a quick coord I threw together to have dinner out.

13. Krad Lanrete - Mozarabic Chant JSK in Red

  • JSK - Krad Lanrete Mozarabic Chant in Wine (my dream dress, my precious and the dress that drew me into lolita. My adoration for this piece is boundless * w *)

  • wig - GLW Godiva in Black

  • shoes - Bandolino

  • all else offbrand

As an art student with a deep love for the archaic and the macabre- this was perfect. No, this was beyond perfect. After much stalking the comm_sales, we found each other and I have made peace with the world of brand and offbrand- in truth the only dress I would climb mountains for is this one, and since we are together now I am mostly happy to emulate my ~other~ dream dresses instead of outright buying them.

Second coord is a WIP and has not yet been worn, but I plan to wear it to Tokyo this year! <3

14. Bodyline

  • blouse - Bodyline l370, sans fugly jabot

  • shoes - Promod

  • all else offbrand

Military-loli! I actually really like this blouse; but my fondness for it is matched by my hatred of the jabot. It's a pretty sturdy blouse overall, I don't regret buying it despite it being tagged as one of Bodyline's more ita pieces.

15. Offbrand (vintage)

  • gobelin minidress - bought from a little shop in Vietnam

  • black OP (worn as underdress) - MOGAO

  • blue rose headband and clips - ToxicKitty

  • tights - Me-Moi

  • shoes - Clarks

  • bag - Cole Haan

Gobelin O(≧▽≦)O while this minidress (actually on me it is more like a blouse OTL) is too short and narrow to fit a true bell petticoat, it does pretty well with a modest tulle petti. The recent rise in Classic trends are a huge inspiration.

16. Bodyline

  • JSK - Bodyline l329 in beg

  • bag - Tomato (offbrand)

  • all else vintage :D

I love this scarf! I've worn it more than a few times, but it's so easy to use in a coordinate because of all the colors. It was a present from my Mum, as with a lot of my vintage pieces.

17. Offbrand (vintage)

  • wig - L-Email

  • underskirt - Little Dipper (TaoBao)

  • socks - Tutuanna

  • shoes - Promod

  • all else offbrand

Mori-lolita! I love this skirt, it's so comfortable! It was my first time ordering from Little Dipper, and after this positive experience I'd order from them again in a heartbeat! The chiffon is so soft and silky, and the base layers and lining are cotton-linen(?) All the ruffles make it pretty poofy on its own, which is good for longer non-loli blouses that can only take a small amount of poof.

18. Offbrand (vintage)

  • Gobelin OP same as in previous outfit!

  • wig - Bodyline w045

  • blue flower clips - ToxicKitty

  • all else vintage

I dearly love gobelin fabrics <3 sadly I have just the one piece. This coord came together because of the socks, which were a gift from an aunt; I wanted to wear them for our lunch out. Printed legwear is something of a level up for me; these were veeery difficult (pink and blue and yellow, with telamones (・_・ヾ ) but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

19. Bodyline

  • skirt - Bodyline l130 in red

  • wig - Bodyline w089 in piklbrw

  • flower brooch and mini hat (yes, there is a hat under all those flowers) - Foxcherry

  • bag, blouse and necklace - vintage

  • shoes - figliarina (offbrand)

There is a reason I don't wear much Sweet- I feel very awkward in it. ._. This is something of a rarity for me. I still like this skirt, but the white ruffle at the bottom makes it a little difficult to work into the rest of my wardrobe.

20. Offbrand (vintage)

  • skirt - Bodyline l325 in brw

  • huge fabric flower (in hair) - apostrophe

  • boots - Kohl's

  • all else offbrand

Military-loli! It was Independence Day, and I wanted to be a little in-theme without dressing in national colors (for one thing, I don't have anything in both red and blue). This was the one outfit I was inspired enough to put a story to; the end result is somewhat silly but it may be a fun read xD

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amytasukada: pic#112967398amytasukada on June 15th, 2014 09:04 pm (UTC)
so nice! It's nice to see so many different styles at once.
San: pic#122454084sanakanami on June 17th, 2014 05:41 am (UTC)
Thank you! It's just fun to dabble in a lot of things~
redtonic on June 15th, 2014 11:16 pm (UTC)
your looks are incredibly original, i'm in love
San: pic#122454084sanakanami on June 17th, 2014 05:43 am (UTC)
I'm happy you like them! I wasn't sure if some of these were 'loli enough', but I guess taking a bit of inspiration in mixing up styles is fine.
Alice's-Smiling-Cat: Alicecheshireneko3 on June 16th, 2014 01:30 am (UTC)
I really love your coords! The vintage ones have a mori-kei feel to them, which is my favorite style~
San: pic#122454084sanakanami on June 17th, 2014 05:44 am (UTC)
Thank you! I love Mori-kei too, fortunately it is pretty easy to find pieces that suit the style where I live :D
n_nova: pic#119027133n_nova on June 16th, 2014 02:34 am (UTC)
Your outfits are all so great! I love all the muted colours and rich textures.
San: pic#122454084sanakanami on June 17th, 2014 05:45 am (UTC)
Thank you~ since I don't have a lot of prints yet, I like to pile on the texture. If only it wasn't so hot where I live, I could add more things xD
rosabelle334: pic#117024548rosabelle334 on June 16th, 2014 03:00 am (UTC)
Absolutely gorgeous! The vintage look is beautiful. In my opinion, much better than those cookie-cutter brand coords you see all the time. Following your tumblr now!
San: pic#122454084sanakanami on June 18th, 2014 05:41 am (UTC)
Thank you! Working with vintage items is a challenge with all the pinning, belt-ing and tucking here and there, but when I come up with something that looks good I am very happy. Much more of a challenge than working with loli-specific items (or brand, as you said) but I love the whole process.
kyu_oba_rokku: pic#121671784kyu_oba_rokku on June 16th, 2014 08:28 am (UTC)
I love how original your loks are!
San: pic#122454084sanakanami on June 18th, 2014 05:41 am (UTC)
Thank you!
Sabby Whimsyawaywizefairies on June 17th, 2014 08:27 am (UTC)
What a joy! You do have an innate talent for capturing the essence of lolita fashion! It shows through all the coordinates you made with vintage items and non-lolita related pieces! You really make it work beautifully!
San: pic#122454084sanakanami on June 18th, 2014 05:44 am (UTC)
I'm very happy that you liked my coords! I was a little unsure about posting because I don't always follow the general rules regarding shapes and length, etc. but I really love the fashion so I wanted to share how I try to make it work- like you said, the 'essence' of loli fashion.
(Deleted comment)
San: pic#122454084sanakanami on June 18th, 2014 05:44 am (UTC)
Thank you very much :D I hope to post more soon! I'm slowly accumulating more pieces to coord with, now that I'm a little more sure about what to look for.
ore-samathesundaywriter on June 19th, 2014 09:01 pm (UTC)
The offbrand Raffaela bolero is pretty and love your vintage coords at 5 and 20.
Gabbymadidi on June 27th, 2014 09:41 am (UTC)
Your style is AMAZING and creative. Beautiful coords!