Kagome Bara (kagome_no_yume) wrote in daily_lolita,
Kagome Bara

9 outfits under the cut

Hey guys, long time no see (kind of). Here are a few of my last outfits, I think it's in chronological order.

2014-03-05 13.01.56
Hat : Victoria Maiden
Blouse : Alice and the Pirates
Skirt : Mary Magdalene

2014-03-06 13.30.53n
Hat : VM
Blouse : Axes Femme
Skirt : MM

Hat and blouse : VM
Skirt : MM

Bow : Fly away Fashio
Dress : AatP

Hat and dress : VM
Blouse : Axes Femme
Socks : AatP

Headress, dress, bag, shoes : Baby
Parasol, socks : AatP

Blouse : vintage
Dress : Victorian Maiden
Shoes : Bodyline

p1000715 - copieh
Outfit for our little meeting with Fanny Rosie

Headress : Handmade
Dress : Victorian Maiden
Shoes : BL

And a few meet-up pictures :

And today's outfit (didn't find my ankle socks)
Headbow : Fly away Fashion
Custew and shoes : BL
Dress : VM
Apron : Tsubasa Masukawa

Thanks for watching guys !

You can find me on my tumblr and on my blog

Tags: !casual, !classic, !country, !gothic, *aatp*, *bodyline*, *btssb*, *handmade*, *handmadebyme*, *indie brand*, *mary magdalene*, *victorian maiden*, bare legs, bodyline, colour: black, colour: black x white, colour: pink (dusky), colour: pink x mint, floral, hair: black, hair: brown, hair: curly, hair: elaborate, hair: natural, handmade, jsk, op, petti: a-line, skirt, tights

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