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A little challenge I set myself. Picture heavy.

Harro :3

So, I decided to set myself the challenge of coording all my dresses in a new way, to make sure I wear them all enough. I'm approaching halfway through.

Day One
Outfit rundown
OP and RHS - Bodyline
Wig - GLW
Socks - Claire's
Bag - Emily the Strange
Horns - Etsy
Cameo necklace - I forget? Sugared Bones maybe? Not that you can see as it's turned itself round anyway.

Day Two
Outfit Rundown
OP - Meta
Blouse, shoes (tea party style??) and wig - Bodyline
Socks - Primark
Hairclip - Dreamy Bows
(Apologies for my utterly miserable face in this. I didn't realise how thoroughly pissed off I looked 'til afterwards.)

Day Three
Outfit Rundown
OP and jabot - IW
Headband - offbrand
Socks - Primark
Wig and RHS - Bodyline

Day Four
Outfit Rundown
OP and bow/pearl brooch - Last Country
Wig and buns - Bodyline
Tights - offbrand
Shoes - eBay
Rose hairclips - Claire's

Day Five
Outfit Rundown
Boater hat - H&M
Socks - Primark
Wrist cuffs - Claire's
Shoes - Camden Market

Day Six
Outfit Rundown
Wig and shoes - Bodyline
Hairclip and bow ring - Dreamy Bows
Cameo ring - Sugared Bones
Blouse - Spin Doctor
Tights - offbrand
JSK - JetJ
I'm not sure where the flash of light came from as no lights were in my room. I have a similar lack of explanation for the orb on the left of the picture, but what a nice way to find out my room is haunted.

Concrit always welcome! But please be gentle with me ;_;

Tags: !casual, !classic, !gothic, !hime, *bodyline*, *indie brand*, *innocent world*, *juliette et justine*, *metamorphose*, *offbrand*, *taobao*, ankle socks, bare legs, bodyline, colour: black x white, colour: red, colour: yellow, floral, hair: black, hair: curly, hair: natural, hair: red, hair: wigs, jsk, op, petti-cupcake, polka dot, solid colour, tights

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