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Retro Lolita Outfits - 15 outfits! 2014 mostly

Hello, girls! This is my first daily lolita post.Well, with various coords anyway.
You can see my previous Gothic Lolita Photoshoot here!
I've been thinking about it for years (I've been into lolita fashion since 2009).
I really like reading other girls' posts!  I took me some time to define my style,
I used to wear classic, some sweet... and gothic from time to time (I still like it, tho),
but I wasn't completly me. My long lasting love for 20s-50s fashion
and pin-up  proved I want to combine the retro vibe with lolita.
Please take a look :>!

1. 2edu62-horz

First time wearing my ultimate dream dress - Fantasic Dolly in red!
I've been dreaming about this dress since a day I saw it.
Finding this dress was really hard (and expensive, overall...) but definitely worth it!

JSK, OTKs: Fantasic Dolly, Angelic Pretty
Bag: Bodyline
Umbrella: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

JSK: Mystery Garden
Bolero: vintage
OTKs: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bag: Loris
Skirt: sewn by my grandmother
Shoes: Bodyline

JSK: Fortissimo, Angelic Pretty
Bolero: Bodyline
Bag: vintage
Shoes: Bodyline

JSK: Retro Modern JSK, Angelic Pretty
Hat: C&A
Bolero: vintage
Bag: Restyle

JSK: Fortissimo, Angelic Prety
Hat: River Island
Bag: vintage
Shoes: Bodyline

JSK, bag: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Headbow, wristcuffs, OTKs: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: Me %


JSK, headbow, wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Bolero: Mystery Garden
An outfit for my and Yukami's birthday party for our community.
A theme of the party was anything retro/sailor/country.
I am really glad how everything turned out.

JSK: Queen of Holloway
Bolero: Mystery Garden
Gloves: ebay
Shoes: Bodyline
Matto's birthday party c:

Necklace: Me %
Skirt: Sewn by my grandmother
Shoes: Bodyline
Audrey Hepburn inspired style, because I really admire her!

JSK, Bag: Angelic Pretty
Gloves: Alice and The Pirates

I'm not sure if I should post it here, it's probably more retro than lolita.
I wore it to Retro Warsaw Weekend party. The event took place on a boat,
so I wanted to keep a sailor vibe.

Skirt: Sewn by my grandmother (my favourite, haha)
Bag: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Centro

My Halloween outfit. I wanted to create a bat girl look.
I made bat headbang myself. However, the OP seems to be slightly too large for me :(

OP: vintage
Brooch: Restyle
Shoes: Centro

Last outfit of 2014, Warsaw Comm's Christmas Meeting c:
It was my first time mixing red and pink together.

JSK: Milky Berry, Angelic Pretty
OTKs: Drained Cherry, Angelic Pretty
Blouse: vintage, sewn by my grandmother many years ago
Purse: Ebay
Shoes: Bodyline


First outfit of 2015!

Blouse: Atmosphere
Skirt: Reserved
Gloves: Retro (60s)
Hat: C&A
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !casual, !classic, !retro, !sweet, *angelic pretty*, *bodyline*, *btssb*, *offbrand*, *vintage*, bodyline, colour: pink x black, colour: pink x red, colour: red x black, gingham, hair: black, hair: blonde, hair: brown, hair: curly, hair: natural, hair: wigs, jsk, over the knee socks, petti: a-line, skirt, sweet lolita

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