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Happy ILD! Outfits from May & ILD

Hello everybody!!
I was on break for part of May so I took a lot of coordinate photos. I thought I might share them with you all! some of them aren't even posted yet on my social media. ;)

First was a virtual "tea party" with a friend and some others using Google. ;) Vampire Forest is one of my favorite prints. I wish the lighting was better that day for photos! AatP dress, Peace Now lace shawl, etc.

I look so derpy in this one lol. I like pairing black x white themes with this print though. I want more blue accessories to go with this. BABY dress&socks, AP & Meta blouse and accessories.

My camera died in this photo so it's super blurry. I still have to get a new one. Unfortunately that means the rest of my photos had to be taken outside or in my sunroom so that the lighting would be good enough to capture prints. RIP, Clunky the Camera! IW dress, AP socks, etc.

Ah, world goth day! We had a fun potluck in the park and I decided to go in kuro in one of my favorite dresses, Shadow Dream Carnival. The sun was in my face so I wore my silly hipster sunglasses for most of the time. This dress breathes unbelievably well in the Atlanta heat. AP dress, Peace Now capelet, etc, etc...

Quartet Chocolate was one of those dresses that I saw and went "yes, I must have this." Unfortunately it's one that only really works for the autumn, so I stubbornly decided to try and wear it in a summery way. It ended up really cute but the burberry is still waaaay too thick and stuffy to wear in the summer. AP dress&blouse, BABY socks...

Last but not least, ILD! It was a rainy day but that didn't stop me from putting together an outfit with Wonder Cookie, it just meant sleeves and a hood would be in order instead of ankle socks and short sleeves. This is the dress that got me into lolita so it's super sentimental for me. :) I also finally joined Closet of Frills after years of debating, so I am slowly figuring out this photo collage thing. Almost everything here is AP except for blouse, capelet, shoes, and some accessories.

That's just about everything that I photographed. I hope everyone had an excellent ILD & and a wonderful start of summer! (Except for the southern hemisphere, to which have a happy winter, haha)

Tags: !gothic, !sweet, *aatp*, *angelic pretty*, *black peace now*, *btssb*, *innocent world*, ankle socks, colour: black, colour: brown, hair: blonde
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