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Some outfits over the years...


I realize I never posted here before even though I've been interested in lolita for so many years. I'll just put up some random picture and if you feel like commenting or suggesting feel free to do so!

Of course, I know my outfits aren't perfect...There is something missing most of the time! (Like, i'm in need of shoes and blouses hahaha!)
Also crappy background as an added bonus!

I've been into lolita for at least 5 years, so there are older pictures!

Musée du chocolat outfit. I love most things about chocolate, so I could just not let this one pass!

Jewelry jelly! I didn't put the full picture because this dress is sooooo short on the tall person I am! But this print is what made me fall in love with lolita! I have almost every variant like OP, Jsk, and both types of skirt haha!

What, you'd think I wouldn't own Chess Chocolate when I already said I loved chocolate?
:) Although Jewelry Jelly was love at first sight, Chess Chocolate was the first big brand lolita dress that I bought! Bag was handmade!

Wha-whaaat? Okay. I really do love chocolate!
I've worn boots because it was winter, but I don't think it's quite flattering. Oh well!

Well that's a cute cat. That cute cat also decided he liked my skirt and put his claws in it. I rescued my skirt the best I could, but I know where its flaws are now. :(
This was my first lolita purchase: a Dear Celine skirt!

I've owned this set for quite some time. But-could-never-find-shoes-to-fit-with-it.
I'm kind of glad how it turned out! This is a one of a kind Megan Maude OP! I hope it brings back memories if the persons who owned it before me see it!

This is a...not so lolita outfit I think. It's too light, but it was summer and I was already dying from heat so I couldn't have worn socks on that day. Sorrrryyyyy! The skirt is Body Line!

Mary Magdalene Jsk Irena. I always loved that brand, but most of their dresses are too smol for me. Until I saw that dress with a lot of shirring! It had to be bought.

Yes, I loved it that much.

This outfit is not one of my favorites, but I love the dress! Moi-Même-Moitié's Stained Glass sundress!

Same thing here. I couldn't find the plain black socks I wanted, so I opted for these and it's not matching at all! xD Oh well! Moi-Même-Moitié again, Sleeping Garden!

Ah. For now a MMM outfit I like! Cathedral Ruins!

Happy Garden from AP! Although i'm not "that" sweet of a lolita, this print was too cute!!!
And yeah. You see my lack of shoe choice there. haha. I had the purse in shape of a chocolate tablet, but I forgot it inside the house.

Masquerade Theater special set. This was always one of my dream prints. I did not regret buying it! Sorry for the mess in background! My mother insisted to take a picture as soon as I got into the house xD

Time of the Roses jsk. Another of my favorites! Such a shame that's i'm so tall! :s

Cherish my Juicy Cherry! Such a pretty print!

And finally this special set of Cameo Window. This was one of the prettiest blue I've ever seen and I love it to bits! It's really better in real life than in pictures!

And so that was it! I have many more dresses, but since i'm tall and busty...Most of them sadly don't fit.
I hope you liked them!

Tags: !classic, !gothic, !sweet, *aatp*, *angelic pretty*, *bodyline*, *btssb*, *dear celine*, *mary magdalene*, *megan maude*, *moitie*, bare legs, tall

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