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my past year in lolita ^_^ April '16 - April '17

Hi everyone!
It's been a long time since I've posted on d_l so I thought I'd catch up with a post of the coords I have pictures of, from roughly a year ago to present.
I've been collecting lolita for 2.5 years now and am really still working on coordinating and fleshing out my wardrobe.
I've made some cute, as well as highly questionable, coord choices along the way...

...starting with my terrible birthday outfit from April 2016...
bday mess

I had such high hopes for this coord and it didn't go so well lol
JSK: Meta
[with droopy underskirt]

oh dear lol


Summer ILD '16
JSK: IW, Blouse: Glitter Tale, Headdress: Sweet Mildred (Etsy)

country pooh

I had a lot of fun with this coord! I look forward to wearing it as the weather warms up, especially now that I have bloomers. I love Winnie the Pooh so much so I wanted to make a Pooh-inspired coord.
SK: Meta, Blouse: AP, Brooch Pin: Disney


SK: Meta, Cutsew: Axes Femme, Headdress&Bag: Restyle, Bloomers: F+F


Found this incredible sweater to pair with Night Carnival. on the hunt for the right legwear for next time.
JSK: Meta

autumn velv

Aside from my flocked Meta skirt, this was my first velveteen main piece. Thus began my addiction lol
JSK: MeLikesTea, Cutsew: Axes Femme, OTKs&bow hairclips: IW

halloween ween selfie

My OTT Halloween coord, which I am still so proud of! My friend's granddaughter called me "King of the Butterflies" ^_^ Unfortunately, I did not get any good full coord pics. This dress was my # 2 top dream dress I never thought I'd find. So happy!!
JSK&Bonnet: Meta, Blouse: Lady Sloth, Underskirt: MeLikesTea, Shoes: Demonia,
Veil/Train-thing: handmade by me

hime punk

A kind of hime punk mash-up. pretty crazy.
SK: Meta, Cutsew: Axes Femme, Hair Comb: BABY, Shoes: Bodyline

tday 1 tday2

Thanksgiving coord ^_^ I stayed up all night cooking so that dinner could be ready by 2pm, since I had work that day at 5. I was pretty tired so not much time went into planning this coord, unfortunately. It was worth it though. I really love cooking a giant meal for a bunch of people all by myself.
SK: MAM, OTKs: IW, Shoes: Bodyline, Headdress: handmade by me


Winter ILD. I love this greyxblack combo, plus it was very warm!
JSK: MLT, Cutsew: Axes Femme, Boots: Demonia, Coat: Restyle


Pardon my tired face. I wore this on Christmas Eve to finish my grocery shopping for Christmas dinner. (I love cooking holiday meals!!) In person the bordeaux of the cutsew and skirt match, but not so much in photos. I think I'll try and grab a MAM cutsew in my summer haul
SK&Headdress: Maxicimam, Cutsew(blk): Meta, Cutsew(wine): Axes Femme

simple strawb parlour

Another dream dress acquired!
JSK&Cutsew: AP, Headbow: Sanrio, Bloomers: F+F

ott vday

So...this was an experiment xD was going for an OTT sweet valentine's coord for a contest but ran out of time trying to make some of the pieces (it took me a week outside of work to handsew the apron, embroider and sew the hair pillows, and add lace to the turtleneck). This is still a work in progress, especially as the apron needs tailoring. The shoe clips were a mistake lol
JSK: AP, Cutsew: normie offbrand modified by me, Apron&hair pillows: handmade by me, Bloomers: F+F

navy classic

Hard to tell in photo but this set is NavyxBeige. First time coording it, def needs work.
Cape&SK: MAM, OP: VM, Sidebow: IW

vday sweet

This was my pre-Valentine's Day coord. I love this cropped crocheted sweater. Found it at a thrift shop!
JSK: BABY, Hair Combs: AP, Blouse: F+F, Pillow Accessories: handmade by me

vday classic

Vday coord <3 I think I'll modify the sleeves of the blouse so they bell and land at my elbow, maybe with a black lace trim.
JSK: MLT, Canotier: Doris, Wristcuffs: Bodyline

sweet check

I love this OP. It's so comfy I may try to hunt down the mint colourway.
OP&KC: BABY, Cutsew: modified offbrand, Shoes: BL


This coord was a miss haha Very comfy for playing DDR in though!
JSK&KC: BABY, Hairclips&Bracelet: Chocomint, Necklace: Sanrio

regal pearl

Pearl overload! I love this coord, though the color balance is off. I hope to switch the fabric vest buttons for nice silver ones.
SK: Meta, Cutsew: Axes Femme

winter butterfly

I can't tell you how much I love this print in this specific colourway. Had a night of drinking and dancing after work!
JSK: Meta, Boots: Demonia

velveteen doll

YES, more velveteen! This op is amazing!! I contacted my SS the minute I saw the preview for this design.
OP: Sweet Dreamer (taobao), Headdress: IW, Necklace: AATP, Shoes: Demonia


I would have liked more poof if I didn't have to work that day. I think this blouse would look great under a JSK.
SK: Dear Celine, Blouse: Axes Femme, HD: Restyle, Crown Cameo Ring: Excentrique

cherry wine

Went to a wine tasting event with some friends. Unfortunately the lighting was horrendous after the sun went down. Sorry about the exposure of the full coord shot. My friend was drunk and didn't adjust her cam settings lol
SK&lacey bow brooch: Meta, Blouse: AP, Bracelets&puffy bow: handmade by me

barely lolita

Not really lolita, but I wore this for an event with my parents. My mom says she doesn't like going out with me in the "Bo Peep" aesthetic so I tried to tone it down. It turned out kinda cute, in a gyaru meets lolita meets retro styling.
SK: Meta, Cutsew: Axes Femme

hk casual

And now my most recent and final coord for this post!
I got this skirt for myself as a part of a bday haul. It's velveteen and I obviously love it very much xD
SK: MAM, Cut: Putumayo, OTKs: IW, Necklace: Monomania, KC: Baby, Bag: Sanrio

~~The END~~
My goals for this year are to:

  • create/wear more gothic coords

  • chillax on pouncing on main pieces

  • fill out my wardrobe with essentials (more legwear! more headwear! more blouses!)

  • move away from merely collecting pieces and into cultivating a daily wardrobe--even if I can't actually wear lolita everyday

If it can't be cohesive, I def want my wardrobe to at least be fully functional.
I've been pretty negligent in regards to having full coords for each new piece. I look forward to buying more wisely and improving my color balance!

I am also going to work hard on collecting loliable flats/sneakers that I can wear when I'm working. You've probably noticed the various tennis shoes I've tried to make work lol I work a lot between 2 on-my-feet jobs so I'd love to find cute comfy sneakers moving forward.

Thanks for going on this looooong year in review journey with me! I appreciate any comments, tips, or concerns you'd like to share ^__^
Thanks again!

Tags: !casual, !classic, !country, !sweet, *btssb*, *dear celine*, *handmadebyme*, *indie brand*, *maxicimam*, *metamorphose*, *offbrand*, *taobao*, hair: brown, hair: curly, hair: natural, plus sized, tall

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