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A Few Days of Coords

Four coords and bonus photos below!~

I miss the days of LiveJournal, and I miss daily_lolita in particular. CoF has turned into a nightmare and honestly the more coords I see there these days the more I lose faith in humanity so screw it, I wanna try bringing this back.

Concrit and suggestions are welcome!

First coord is from my comm's recent aquarium meetup, hosted by one of my lovely friends! I wore Mermaid Symphony, making that the second time I've worn it this year, both to aquariums in different states!

Coord Breakdown:
OP: Angelic Pretty Mermaid Symphony
Bag and jewelry: Betsey Johnson
Headbow: Handmade
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Angelic Pretty Twinkle Shoes

Closeup so you can see more of my makeup and accessories!
I originally wanted to do bigger hair (teased twintails to be exact) but we ran out of time; my friend and partner and I had gone to the renn faire the day previous and were soooo tired after an 8 hour day there that we couldn't get up early enough for me to style my hair like I'd hoped. We still ended up 20 minutes late to the meet, but thankfully weren't the only ones because of public transportation delays.

We got to see lots of fish, and got to pet sturgeons, starfish, and sea flap flaps!

Next is my coord to visit one of my other friends from a few days back; I met up with them to deliver some items they'd purchased from me.

Coord Breakdown:
OP: Angelic Pretty Sheep Garden
Headbow: original Pretty (Angelic Pretty) headbow
Wristcuffs: Bodyline
Bag: Betsey Johnson
Socks/shoes: Offbrand

We went to a shaved ice place after eating stuffed crust pizza and watching the latest Last Week Lolita News.
The shaved ice and boba tea was super delicious, and the inside was very cute and bright. They had this cool LED color-changing acrylic table that I took the photo of my macarons on!
Unfortunately the macarons were a bust though.
Only two of the six actually tasted the way they were supposed to; the other four all tasted the same: like plain sugar with lots of food coloring. 2/10 :C

The day after, I delivered some shoes to a friend who had purchased them from another friend. Call me the lolita courier.
Afterwards, I met up with my partner as we got off work and I took him to experience rotary sushi for the first time. IT WAS SO VERY TASTY.

I included the back photo to show off my undercut I mean show my purse and head accessory.
Coord Breakdown:
JSK: Angelic Pretty Airy Unicorn (in sax)
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty Dreamy Baby
Parka: Angelic Pretty Colorful Pop
Socks: Angelic Pretty (Striped Socks with Pony Lace?)
Bag: Angelic Pretty Mook bag
Shoes: Bodyline

I actually got him to try takoyaki!!! I'd described it to him a few weeks beforehand and he'd been appalled. So (knowing he has no allergies to it) I ordered some and offered to let him try one--without telling him what it was. He actually really enjoyed it.
Because who doesn't like takoyaki ok it's the best nobody can change my mind.

Finally today's coord! I wore it just because.

Coord Breakdown:
JSK: Angelic Pretty Sugar Sky
Cutsew: DollsKill
Parka: Angelic Pretty Colorful Pop
Purse: Angelic Pretty 2013 Lucky Pack Purse
Headbow: Handmade
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline

Closeup to show my necklace (Handmade) and cutsew details.

And that's it! I typically can't be bothered to wear makeup on days where I'm mainly just going to work and not doing much after. I prefer to wear it on my days off and for actual meetups and other events, so no makeup concrit bc I can't be bothered on the daily m8.

I hope you, whoever you are out there, enjoyed my post and its ramblings. I want to do more of these, I want to encourage people to start posting here again.
I miss the days when we weren't afraid to tell each other what we actually thought. And look I just miss the LJ comms in general okay lkdafjdklgjfgbkjlcb -gross sobbing in the background-
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