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September's Coords

Hello friends, did you miss me?!
So my Pixel upgraded to Android 10, and in Android 10 land a lot of apps don't work anymore, which includes my collage app. ;__; I'm so sad. Hence only the one teaser coord photo, but don't worry there's obviously plenty more!

Throughout the month of September I wore lolita a bit less than usual because it was a truly crazy time for my mother to move out and for me to move all of her remaining things out and my stuff in. It was really stressful and in the end I was so exhausted that most days I just couldn't be bothered. That being said, there were still moments I made for myself to enjoy the fashion, and enjoy it with friends as well!

First up is a coord from the first week or so of September; up until this point it'd been so cold and dreary and I'd been secretly begging for summer to stay just a little longer; I guess the Midwest heard me because on this day it suddenly reached a whopping 91F.

Coord breakdown:
JSK: Metamorphose Temps de Fille, Pink Lemonade
Shoes: Bodyline
Purse and necklace: Betsey Johnson
Everything else: Offbrand/vintage

I was really inspired by SakuraFairy/LilyoftheValley for this coordinate and did kind of a sweet/classic look, which is definitely outside of my usual. I was meeting up with my boyfriend in a coffee place to print out and fill out his application for a job, since our printer is broken. I walked there, my hoop skirt being my only saving grace, and of all the outfits I've worn in this neighborhood for SOME REASON this one, THIS ONE, the CLASSIC ONE, got the most attention. Mainly negative--people jerked their cars out of the busy traffic lane to harshly pull up on the curb just so they could whip out their smart phones, take photos before I could react and then furiously drive off.

Like, seriously??? This isn't even the most crazy thing I've worn wtf!!!!

(By the way, yes my partner did get the job he applied for, he's now a supervisor of a locally owned sustainable market and he's LOVING it! Yay!)

Next is my coordinate for a photoshoot hosted to take pictures to give to Mana-sama at a convention. So, naturally, I had to wear my only Moitie piece.

Skirt: Moi Meme Moitie, Divine Cross
Hat: Kidsyoyo
Purse, necklace: Betsey Johnson
OTKs: Alice and the Pirates, Merry Making in the Ghost Town
Everything else: Offbrand/vintage

I was quite pleased with how this look turned out. I almost always forget to bring lipstick with me if I'm doing my makeup anywhere other than home so I'm pretty proud of myself for actually remembering not only the lipstick, but also the gloss I used on top as well.

People tell me very often I look great in gothic lolita, and I think I do too, but I just... My soul is owned by bright colors! ;__; I can't help it!

Everyone had a really nice time; the food everyone brought was delicious, the company was great, the outfits were all gorgeous and we had a real blast taking photos in the giant coffin with the Authentic Headstone (TM) that the event host (ThingsWeNeverDid) found in a Goodwill.

Not too long after the Moitie meet, the Chicago Kizuki Ramen and Isakaya was hosting its annual Matsuri; you could get an extra free bowl of ramen by purchasing food tickets in advance online, so I met up with my partner after work so we could enjoy some good ol' ramen. It was a great excuse to wear my Sugary Carnival JSK!

Coord Breakdown:
JSK: Angelic Pretty, Sugary Carnival
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Headband, jewelry: Angelic Pretty, Aurora Ribbon, Heartbeat Ribbon
Purse: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Bodyline
Socks: Offbrand

The ramen was to die for. ;__; My mouth is watering just remembering it. I got a Tonkatsu broth with added chashu pork belly and egg.

The lighting at my seat was so bizarre so this selfie didn't turn out the greatest, but it is a good photo of my accessories and the details on my cutsew's collar.

A day or two afterwards it was time for the Matsuri proper! I wore a wa lolita coordinate and my partner and I set out on a windy, rainy day to enjoy some fresh festival food.

Coord Breakdown:
JSK: Metamorphose Temps de Fille, Kimono Print Crossover Front Pinafore jsk
Blouse: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Purse: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand/vintage

I wasn't too thrilled with how my eyeliner came out but other than that the look wasn't bad.
Despite the wind we had a lot of fun, though towards the end our experience was soured a bit by the festival being packed up early as the sprinkling turned to rain. It hadn't hindered the festival last year, which faced similar weather, so I was shocked when we came out of the vendors hall to find all the food stalls gone! Aside from that though, we did get to stay warm and dry watching a tea ceremony, and purchasing some things in the vendors hall--I found a lovely black teapot to use for my upcoming Trick or Tea, as well as some fun 3D Japanese stickers I used on some Halloween cards for a card exchange!

After that my partner and I got to attend a Thank God It's Friday! Meetup my friend hosted in Chinatown; even though it was pouring rain and storming like crazy, we still all gathered to enjoy some good food and time with friends to end the week. I actually met @blood_t_dupre (left) a few days prior at the Matsuri, so it was nice getting to spend more time together at this meet.

Coord Breakdown:
Skirt: Angelic Pretty, Colorful Sherbet
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Headbow: Angelic Pretty, Topping Sugar
Purse: Angelic Pretty, 2013 Lucky Pack pochette
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes, Jacket: Offbrand
Necklace: Handmade

After we finished with dinner we headed outside to poke around in Tous le Jours, where we got some fantastic pastries that I am also watering at the mouth for, remembering them while writing this. It was pouring rain SO HARD we had to constantly stay under our parasols for photos so we wouldn't get absolutely soaked. Even though it was chilly and wet, we still had a good time standing out in the rain under our frilly umbrellas, chatting and just hanging out. It was a big aesthetic mood and we were very much all there for it.

My amazing friend @marshmallowparade stayed over the weekend so we could go together to the swap meet the next day, hosted by the amazing @lameylife ! I finally got to wear my School March jsk and it is... Hilariously short on me. It's definitely meant as a casual piece since the skirt was designed not to hold a petti, but I didn't really know what else to call this outfit so I tagged it as lolita anyways?

Coord Breakdown:
JSK, barette: Angelic Pretty, School March 
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Jewerly: Betsey Johnson, Angelic Pretty Fancy Soda, handmade
Purse: Polly Pocket
Everything else: Offbrand

After the swap meet ended (and oh my gOD I got so much stuff, mainly traded, hallelujah) some of us ventured together to Little Vietnam(?) to have some yummy food and then go thrifting afterwards.

My matcha latte was perfect after adding the coconut bobas. I'm clearly a cullinary genius.

@marshmallowparade went home Sunday afternoon, and I spent the next several days cleaning like a madwoman as I tried to get my apartment officially moved in and under control, or as much as I could until mom comes back for more of her stuff. It was extremely stressful, and I had to take several days off work just to make it through.

And finally, here we are! The last and most recent coord photo! Technically this is cheating, because this was only a few days ago in October but shhh shhhh it's fine it's fine. >> I met up with my partner after work so we could thrift for some belts to go with his ouji coord for a vampire meetup coming up soon, and then we stopped in at Cafe Con Leche for a bite to eat.

Coord Breakdown:
Skirt: Bodyline
Cardigan: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Cutsew: Metamorphose Temps de Fille
Jewelry: @waxpoeticshop
OTKs: Angelic Pretty, Milky Berry
Shoes: Bodyline
Backpack, hairclip: Offbrand

We both got some delicious chicken sandwiches; I myself got a dark mocha for a drink--I was nervous at first because I'm not a coffee drinker and I didn't want it to taste too bitter, but it was so rich and chocolatey it was pure bliss. ;__; We got some bread pudding for dessert, and it was incredible. 100/10 would go back again.

And there we have it! Of course, there are coords I've worn that I haven't gotten photos of so this isn't everything, but these are essentially the most notable. Thank you so much for viewing if you've made it this far, and I'll see yall again soon!

Tags: !casual, !gothic, !sweet, !wa, *angelic pretty*, *bodyline*, *metamorphose*, *moitie*, colour: black, colour: bordeaux, colour: lavender, colour: sax, jsk, op, over the knee socks, salopette, skirt, solid colour, sweet lolita, tall

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