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First post in 2014

Hello Lolitas :)

This is my first Post for 2014 XD.

I was little bit lazy in the last month. It was to cold for me and in my new Job i can not wear Lolita, so i have to wear my favorite fashion on free days or meetings.

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12 outfits in gothic and classic

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I hope you enjoyed it ! You can find my on tumblr and on my blog

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Outfits from 2013 and the beginning of this year


I haven't posted in a long time so i have like... over 50 new outfits to post. But i'll pick some of my favorites from the past year or so that might interest you.
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cute tsune
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a very lazy year ends now

Hello :D

Today i have only two outfits for you D:.

I was very lazy this year to make pictures (sometimes i wear Lolita/Kodona/ouji without making one single random-mirror-Picture from the outfit xD) But i hope i can wear lolita 2014 more often (and then i will make more pictures as well xD)

Sorry for the blurry Pictures. Like i said... i was to lazy to make better ones xD

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Coords from the past month : Image heavy

Hi everyone ! Here are a few of my last coordinates, all classics.

Sorry for the photo quality again, I look forward to buy a new camera !

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Thank you !