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daily_lolita's Journal

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Daily Lolita Coordinates
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Lolita coordinates from daily life are posted here. Please read rules before posting, enjoy!

Welcome to Daily_Lolita!This community was created for the sole purpose of posting your lolita and casual lolita outfits of the day. Please read the rules BEFORE you post! Have fun!

  1. Please do not post anything other than your daily lolita outfit
    Off topic posts will be deleted. OT (jeans and tee shirts) will not be accepted :P

  2. Respect all of our members
    Anyone caught stealing images, reposting images on hate communities, or trolling to stir up drama will be banned immediately.(Polite)critique is fine but remember that it's the outfit you're critiquing/being critiqued on not the person. Please contact a mod if you're having an issue.

  3. Use an image cut for any images over 500x500
    One image under 500x500 is allowed outside the cut. What's a LJ cut? While images are vital to this community, please spare our friends lists.

  4. Try to keep pictures to a certain size and quality
    Please try to refrain from posting pictures that are too small/dark/blurry or where we can't see your outfit. A makeup shot is fine but we don't really need to see 100 myspace angles of the same outfit. On top of this, while we appreciate good quality photos, we are a comm for outfits so sometimes a full photoshoot would be better placed on egl.

  5. Tags
    Please note that no more tags will be given out for d_l. Instead you can use the very helpful top bar to search by user or easily find a specific user's posts in one of the following posts:

    If you would like your username added on just comment on the relevant post and I'll fix you up a link

    Please remember to still use the style/brand/colour tags though. These can be used by anyone!

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