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Hello everyone! This is my first time posting to daily_lolita since 2011. Where did the time go?
Lately I've been wishing for a livejournal revival, as I'm a rather nostalgic soul.
It makes me happy to see people still posting here so I am joining in, too!

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Crazy Hair

FishiesG0Pook One Year Update

So I realized a few days ago I hadn't posted to DL in a while, looking back now the last time I posted was my outfits for Katsucon 2014, which makes ONE YEAR!! So here goes... ^_^

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Looking back over my year I realize I wore my Paris Windows JSK A LOT!! But my wardrobe was also very minimal until Katsucon when my wardrobe almost doubled in size. Since I have a wedding to plan for in October, I wont be buying any more lolita for some time. :'( As a bonus and thank you for looking through this ENTIRE post, check out my video of J-Fashions that showed up at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC....

10 Coords from the past few months

Hi! Long time no see ^-^
I'd like to share some outfits with you, I hope you like them :3
I am happy about any tips, comments and opinions - there's always some new inspiration to get, right?

Oh, during this post my haircolour will change and I'll lose some kg in case you wonder xD

If you are interested in more, please visit my blog :3 Thank you!


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Mainly gothic co-ords with bits of sailor & sweet

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I realised that I haven't done a post here in almost 6 months, somehow! Things under the cut....
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10 outfits from recent months.

Bez tytułu
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come to the rori side of the force

Outfits from October

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