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Late August/Early September coord dump!

A whole bunch of recent coordinates from the last month or so. I'm really excited for some of the new stuff I bought recently to come in the mail (like a new petticoat and a new blouse!) so I can up my game a little bit.
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FishiesG0Pook One Year Update

So I realized a few days ago I hadn't posted to DL in a while, looking back now the last time I posted was my outfits for Katsucon 2014, which makes ONE YEAR!! So here goes... ^_^

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Looking back over my year I realize I wore my Paris Windows JSK A LOT!! But my wardrobe was also very minimal until Katsucon when my wardrobe almost doubled in size. Since I have a wedding to plan for in October, I wont be buying any more lolita for some time. :'( As a bonus and thank you for looking through this ENTIRE post, check out my video of J-Fashions that showed up at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC....
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Favourite Outfits of 2014

I wanted to show some of my favourite outfits from the past year, and so, I hope you enjoy my coords and the progression of my style throughout the year!~
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Outfits from Oct. 2014 - Feb.2015

Hello Lolita World :D

In the last time i was little bit lazy to wear Lolit D: Winter is absolutly not my season! Its to cold to wear Dresses and i don't feel well the whole time (because i miss the warm sun). Hopefully it will become spring soon! i'm really looking forward for more warm days so i can wear more Lolita again :D

here is a little Collection of my Outfits from last year till now. Its not so much and i don't have so many shootings as i wished for v_v but at least i had managed to wear sometimes little bit lolita XD

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come to the rori side of the force

It's been a busy month!

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Mainly gothic co-ords with bits of sailor & sweet

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I realised that I haven't done a post here in almost 6 months, somehow! Things under the cut....
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