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Old school Lolita Coordinates (August - December 2015)

~Below the cut are all of my coordinates from August - December 2015~
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The best outfits of 2014 + first outfit of 2015!

Hello, Ladies!
Long time no see! Last year was really busy for me, so I decided to be less active until beginning of 2015.
But now I'm back and I want to share my 2014 coords with you!
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come to the rori side of the force

Last of my pregnant coords

Well, I'm going to be induced tomorrow, so I figure I should post the last of my pregnt lolita coords. The further along I've gotten, the harder it's been for me to get dressed, let alone dress in lolita. I've been very sore and tired, but I've tried! Although lolita is my normal clothes anyways, so when i'm not in lolita I usually just stay in my PJs, especially since I can't work anymore.
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A whole lot of velvet and some old school too

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You can check my blog and my tumblr for more updates.

My favourite outfits from the last few months

Hello everyone!
Long time without posting here!

nella fragola classic lolita mary magdalene tardis doctor who

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Thanks for looking! More outfits here:
banfragolaLJ copie2
cute tsune
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new outfits

Hello June :D and hello Lolita World

Its time for another Daily Lolita Post!
I collected some new Outfits/Pictures for you since my last post.

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