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my past year in lolita ^_^ April '16 - April '17

Hi everyone!
It's been a long time since I've posted on d_l so I thought I'd catch up with a post of the coords I have pictures of, from roughly a year ago to present.
I've been collecting lolita for 2.5 years now and am really still working on coordinating and fleshing out my wardrobe.
I've made some cute, as well as highly questionable, coord choices along the way...
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Old school Lolita Coordinates (August - December 2015)

~Below the cut are all of my coordinates from August - December 2015~
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a few coords from 2015 (so far) + eerie Halloween photos :D

Hi all!

I'm really excited to share my Halloween coord with you, and I look forward to seeing the Halloween outfits that will be posted ^__^

Leading up to the Halloween one are the handful of coords I managed to put together this year in spite of my hectic, 3 job schedule :S

On to the pics!!
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